Open Studios – Tage der Offenen Tür 2021

A warm invitation to the Open Studios at Künstlerhof Frohnau.
Saturday 04 September 11-19 h
Sunday 05 September 11-18 h

Exhibitions on the premises:
Pavilion: Treemail – Group exhibition
with Almut Flentje, Annette Frick, Bardo Henning, Rosika Jankó-Glage, Nicola Jungsberger, Anna Niestroj, Kirstin Rabe, Silke Reuter, Antonia Smialek, Susanne Schill, Gudrun Schlemmer, Sylvia Seelmann, Astrid Weichelt, Birgit Wölke
Old building foyer: Wilhelm Hein
New building foyer: Kirstin Rabe + Astrid Weichelt

Area next to the pavilion: Workshops for children, organised by Deutsche Waldjugend

Saturday, 4 September
11.00 a.m., in front of the Old Building Foyer:
Opening with Dr. Cornelia Gerner (Kunstamt
Berlin-Reinickendorf) and Kaya Behkalam (KHF), Music by Bardo Henning & Ray Kaczynski
The studios will be open afterwards.

2.00 pm, Bardo Henning studio:
Concert Uta van Kameke (vocals), Marika Grejot (cello).

18.00, on the KHF grounds:
Concert Seeing Sounds, with Rieko Okuda (keyboards, electronics), Matthias Jahrmärker (vocals, keyboards), Andre Bartetzki (live electronics), Bardo Henning (accordion), Hendrik Krüger (soprano, alto, and bass recorder), Ray Kaczynski (percussion, electronics, ITstruments, direction).
Sound collages and compositions based on the works of Charles Ives: The Pond, Remembrance and The Unanswered Question
With “The Pond”, written in 1906, Ives experimented with minimal structures to create dense clouds of sound, combined with tonally highly dissonant material.  “Remembrance”, a work for voice and piano with a text by Ives to his father, is the basis for “The Pond” and hidden within it. “The Unanswered Question” is Charles Ives’ best-known work. In it, numerous musical and philosophical dilemmas come to light.

Sunday, 05 September
12-13 h, in the forest around the KHF:
Workshop with Nicola Jungsberger: “Letting trees speak to us”.
Trees have lived on earth for a very long time, often in huge families and in communities with other living beings. They know adversities, illnesses, happy events, just like we do. Maybe they know something else that could be interesting for us. Meeting point is at the pavilion, then we go into the forest next to KHF. Duration of the workshop 60 minutes, please bring at least 200 ml of water for the trees and suitable footwear.

2-5 pm, on the KHF grounds:
Fragile Fertile – Performance by the artist malatsion.
The thin fertile layer of humus, enriched with biomass carbon, can bind large amounts of CO2 and become a carbon sink. In the art action “Fragile Fertile”, compostable sculptures made of cellulose and plant charcoal are buried in the humus layer of Künstlerhof Frohnau and thus handed over to the earth. The art funeral connects those present for a moment; it becomes a ritual for the CO2-binding capacity of the soil and is characterised by hope. Meeting point: Entrance gate

17.00, Studio 5/Bardo Henning:
CD Release: Bardo Henning – Treemail to.
A musical journey from South American Latin and Tango, to North American Jazzwaltz, tributes to India and China, improvisations on Caucasian melodies and Balkan rhythms, European ballads, waltzes and chorales.

The Open Studios / Open Days are supported by funds from the District Office Reinickendorf, Department of Building, Education and Culture, Department of Art and History as part of the Decentralised Cultural Work.