ReRouting Walking Residency

RESIDENCY DATES: 16-18. June, 2024
OPEN CALL DEADLINE: 14. April, 2024

About ReRouting
ReRouting is a curatorial initiative that explores the potential of walking as a space for artistic exchange and encounter. The project uses walking and moving together as a curatorial methodology to slow down and rethink how we perceive our surrounding landscape. This curatorial investigation proposes that by reconsidering what we think of as curatorial space, we can establish new architectures of exchange that can both enter in and move beyond current cultural infrastructures.  The project, which launched in July 2023, consists of walking events, a conversation archive, and a series of walking residencies in Berlin; one in partnership with Co-Making Matters at Haus der Statistik, and another in collaboration with Künstlerhof Frohnau. ReRouting is a project initiated by curator and researcher Clementine Butler-Gallie.

About ReRouting’s Weekend Walking Residency at Künstlerhof Frohnau
After a pilot in September 2023 that invited 7 participants to practice slowing down and sharing together, ReRouting’s Weekend Walking Residency will return to Künstlerhof Frohnau this Summer. The residency is an invitation for the 7 selected Berlin-based artists and cultural practitioners to spend a weekend in the forest and walk together as a means to exchange practices and connect as a group. Set in the forest, the residency uses the local landscape as its studio and site of encounter, with the Künstlerhof’s space offered as a base to return to and reflect.

Running through the Frohnau forest is the route of the old Berlin Wall, traces of which can still be located throughout. What does it mean to walk together on a site of division? How can reflecting on pathways of the past establish grounds for walking with others today? As divisions renew, and open spaces for dialogue decline, how can the walk as a space be best utilized? These questions will act as a departure point for the weekend, with participants’ practices and points of reflection forming the program. Participants are not expected to produce anything on site, however, there is space to propose a walking exercise or output for the group.

The residency will take place over the weekend 14-16 June, 2024, starting on the Friday morning and returning on the Sunday evening. If work or other commitments allow you to only join on the weekend days, this is not a problem. Costs of accommodation for 2 nights in the forest as well as food and drink for the residency days are covered. Travel is not included but Künstlerhof Frohnau can be reached by Berlin’s public transport system (Sbahn and bus). The language of the residency will be English and German.

About the Open Call process
The 7 spaces available on the residency will be selected via an open call, which can be found via the below link. The deadline for applications is 14. April, 2024 and results of the open call will be given by mid May. The final participants will be selected based on an intention to bring together in synergy a diversity of practices and research interests. The residency jury will be formed by team members of Künstlerhof Frohnau and ReRouting; Kaya Behkalam, Setareh Shahbazi and Clementine Butler-Gallie. If you have any questions regarding the open call and/or residency please get in touch at

*A note on accessibility*
ReRouting is a small initiative with limited resources but we will work with all selected applicants to try to meet your accessibility needs. There is a part in the open call where any accessibility needs can be included, or please feel free to email directly with any questions.

Thank you for your applications!