Walden IV: Relay

Festival for Sound Art and Performance
At and around Künstlerhof Frohnau
Saturday, July 6, 2024, 2pm-12am.
Free shuttle bus from S-Bhf Frohnau to Künstlerhof and back.

Curated by SHIN Hyo Jin, Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz, Katja Hock, and Kaya Behkalam

About the festival
Walden is a festival for contemporary music, sound, and performance art that will take place for the fourth time on July 6, 2024, at Künstlerhof Frohnau and the surrounding forest. Under this year’s title “Relay,” Walden once again invites local and international artists to use the forest as a resonating body and stage, engaging with the complex history of this place in the former border area through performances, concerts, and installations, and reimagining it for a day.

The term “Relay” refers to the transmission and amplification of signals through an intermediary point—a process of reception and transmission, connection and renewal, similar to the passing of a baton in a relay race. Through performative, musical, and participatory contributions, Walden creates associative connections between historical heritage and pressing contemporary issues, advocating for alternative forms of narration and perception that approach the other with openness, understanding the forest as a place, metaphor and relay for interconnection and permanence, rootedness and resilience.

Access All Areas presents The Healing Freqs
Saba Alizadeh
Roberta Busechian
Ensemble ~su
Bardo Henning & Birgit Wölke
Liaam Iman
Miranda Markgraf
Ray Kaczynski & The Giant at a Distance
Heryun Kim
Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz
Posaunenchor Hohen Neuendorf
Susanne Schill
Nour Sokhon
Ute Waldhausen

Walden receives partial funding from the Ingrid-Bischoff-Stiftung and Initiative Draussenstadt. Künstlerhof Frohnau is partially funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the Basisförderung for independent project spaces and initiatives.