Open Studios 2023

Cordial invitation to the OPEN STUDIOS 2023 at Künstlerhof Frohnau. This year the Künstlerhof celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Saturday 02 September 2023, 2pm-8pm
Sunday 03 September 2023, 11am-6pm.

With the studios of: Marion Angulanza, Claudia Bachmann, Stefan Deckner, Nafis Fatollahzadeh and Şermin Güven, Gudrun Fischer-Bomert, Almut Flentje, Annette Frick & Wilhelm Hein, Laure Gilquin, Bardo Henning, Saskia Hubert, Rosika Jankó-Glage, Nicola Jungsberger, Ray Kaczynski, Heryun Kim, Anetta Küchler-Mocny, Nora Mertes, Essam Hamdi NORREM, Ojoboca – Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy, Pierre de Mougins, Kirstin Rabe, Silke Reuter, Heike Ruschmeyer, Clemens Schill, Susanne Schill, Gudrun Schlemmer, Zuzanna Schmukalla, Sylvia Seelmann, Klaus-Uwe Seelmann, Annette Selle, SISKA (Color Club Lab), Barbara Salome Trost, Daniel Stolzenburg, Tina Tahir, Gesa Titgemeyer, Michael Walter, Astrid Weichelt, Christiana Wirthwein-Vormbäumen, Birgit Wölke, Marian Zaic.

Saturday, September 02
14:00 Opening with Harald Muschner (District Councillor for Culture, Education, Sports, FM), Dr. Sabine Ziegenrücker (Head of the Department of Art and History, Reinickendorf District Office) and Kaya Behkalam (Künstlerhof Frohnau); music by Bardo Henning.
14 :15 Presentation of the winner of the Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis 2023, Nafis Fatollahzadeh (in cooperation with Şermin Güven), and presentation of the publication “Perlamutter” by the recipients of 2022, Anna Scherbyna & Uliana Bychenkova, in cooperation with Anastasiia Hrychkovska.
The studios will be open afterwards.
15:00 and 17:00 Guided tour through the studios of the Künstlerhof, with art historian and curator Katja Hock, meeting point at the entrance of KHF.
18 :30 Performance-concert of Terry Riley’s “In C” with the Seeingsounds Ensemble: Ray Kaczynski (percussion, direction) and Johann Balle (vocals, analog synthesizer), Frank Bauer (vibraphone), Glada Carlotta Cerri (percussion), Julian Erdem (analog synthesizer), Emily Feeny (marimba), Dirk Engelhardt (tenor saxophone), Bardo Henning (accordion), Christian Kögel (electric guitar), Martin Klingenberg (trumpet), Simon Reindl (DJ, re-mix, direction), Felix Wahnschaffe (alto saxophone), and Jung Sun Kim, Soomin Chae & Ji Sun Hagen (dance & performance). Sponsored by the Bezirkskulturfonds Reinickendorf.

Sunday, September 03
13:00 Guided tour through the studios of the Künstlerhof, with art historian and curator Katja Hock, meeting point at the entrance of KHF.
15:00 Concert by Bardo Henning (piano) and Ray Kaczynski (percussion) between composition, improvisation and experimental sounds. With the “prepared” piano of Bardo Henning and the wondrous sound sculptures (ITstruments) of Kaczynski.
16:00 Guided tour of the studios of the Künstlerhof, with the art historian and curator Katja Hock, meeting point at the entrance of KHF.

Pavilion: Laure Gilquin shows a 7-channel sound installation: seven unfired clay bowls were dissolved with water. Sounds are created, it sings, whistles and squeaks. Then everything stops. “Tonrisse” is the recording of this transformation.
Neubau ground floor foyer: exhibition of objects by Gudrun Fischer-Bomert and Tina Tahir. Impressions of water pipes, assembled into a house made of paper, citing “critical infrastructures.” Ornaments, beads and jewelry transform into military equipment. Fischer-Bomert is the winner of this year’s Schwarzenberg art prize art-figura.
Neubau 1st floor foyer: cross-media installation “Whole Hole”, a reflection on the hole in video, text and installation by Michael Walter & Rodolphe Breitenbach.
Altbau foyer: exhibition of paintings by Christiana Wirthwein-Vormbäumen. A painterly reflection on the spiritual in art between imagination and illustration.

Image motif poster: Kirstin Rabe, Strata Black, 2020 (detail). Kirstin Rabe is the winner of the Brandenburg Art Award for Graphic Art 2023.

Workshops for children organized by the Deutsche Waldjugend, area next to the pavilion.
The “Charlottenburger” offers food & drinks, coffee & cake in front of the Altbau foyer.

The Open Studios are funded through the program Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Reinickendorf.

How to get to Künstlerhof Frohnau: S-Bahn S1 to Frohnau station, bus 125 (direction Invalidensiedlung) to Hubertusweg stop and 400m walk direction Hubertussee.